Spoken Word: Perfect Partner Video

This is a piece I wrote over two years ago, students at the school I worked at convinced me to record it over a beat.

This is the outcome of that studio session.



Spoken word piece: Division by Emeka

When I say division am talking about;

Africans against Africans, Caribbean’s against Caribbean’s, Africans against Caribbean’s it’s like a bunch of slaves on a ship bragging about who has the best looking chain…

 When I say division am talking about;

the misguided youth who are ready to kill each based on geographic territory that they will never own

When a 14 year old black boy can say his biggest threat is someone that looks like him.

 When I say division am talking about;

The shades of black, that makes some believe that they are superior to others because of the tone of their skin. Some say beauty is in the eye of the beholder,

seems like the media cop oration have more say on what your perception of beauty is.

 When I say division am talking about;

Individualism, the Everyman for himself attitude, that keeps us from progressing.

we seem to be consumers in billion pound industries that we have no stake in. Not creating and supporting our businesses keeps us in economic subordination.

Living in a a world of cause and effect, if this the effect then what was the cause

I close my eyes to imagine the pains of the past to search for the cause

Meritorious Manumission was legal act of freeing slaves for good deeds

Turning slaves against each other for money and greed

So if you snitched on another slave

This would earn you freedom,

 Willie lynch theory was based on division

A plantation owner based in the caribbean

to spread his theory was now his mission

Divide and conquer is what he envisioned

 He was paid to teach how to control slaves

Divide them through shades of colour, north against south, house against field

Keep some progressing, then play on their fears

this will divide them for hundreds of years.

 My message is not to use the past as an excuse

But learn and move forward

So we must now break the chains of division

Sharing the knowledge is now my mission

Replace divide with unite

 United so our youth can become generation of achievers and thinkers

United so we may respect our differences and learn from each other

United so we can may portray positives images of our people to the world

United so we can build business and create wealth

Some might call me an idealist, but I would rather do some thing than do nothing