A year on from London 2 LA gang documentary.


It has been a year since I took four young people from our Crib youth project to Los Angeles to do a gang intervention documentary.  The idea was to find out as much as we can about young people in gangs in LA and the most important thing was to find out what intervention projects where in place to tackle the gang culture.   We visited Crenshaw, Inglewood, Boyle heights and we even had the opportunity to get a tour of a county jail for juvenile young people.

Since then Tobi, Mustaphar, Bobbie and Bernard have been spreading the message of their experience in LA, through the documented interviews of active gang member, former gang member, gang intervention worker, and a District attorney. The DVD London 2 LA gang intervention documentary has been watched by more that 800 people. We have also distributed more than 600 copies in the last year.

The 4 of them are now working hard to build a successful future for themselves. They will never forget their experience in Los Angeles and hope that their message in the documentary reaches many young people in the UK.

For more information on the planning of the trip click the link:  https://emekabnc.com/2011/08/10/london-2-la-gang-intervention-documentary/?preview=true&preview_id=64&preview_nonce=2d38405714