My Sister’s Pain – The Journey

Find out the motivations behind my latest book. My Sister’s Pain.

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New Novel – ‘My Sister’s Pain’ OUT FEB 2017

My new novel ‘My sister’s pain will be released February 10th 2017. The official book launch will be at the iconic Hackney


Nkechi and Adaora are accomplished, driven sisters, wrestling with identity, danger, relationships and the expectations of their Nigerian family. Cheeky young brother Chidi must find his place in the world, too.

Teacher Nkechi embarks on a trip to Nigeria with her father, eager to understand cultural traditions and prepare for her wedding. But the trip ends in tragedy, requiring far deeper self-exploration than expected. Her fiancé, Patrick, must search his soul, too.

 Psychotherapist Adaora is a high-achiever, unable to sustain relationships despite her intelligence and beauty. She faces the consequences of her life-choice to remain childless – the wrath of her deeply religious mother, Mrs Edozie, and the loss of every man she cares for.

The sisters weave a tapestry of cultural and personal clashes – of happiness and broken relationships. Can their sisterhood survive?



Full time Author and Keynote Speaker status


I was at my desk at work just after the Christmas holidays as I was sending a journalist a copy of my book ‘Ambitions of the deprived’. I stopped writing the address and looked at the book and remembered the hard work I put into this book. I said to myself surely this is not it, letting the book just sit here and not pushing it as far as I can. Working full-time has not helped me with the goals I set for myself. I am an author, I love to write and want to share my work with the world.  That same day I decided that I will focus and find a way to make sure that I am doing what I love full-time. For six weeks I planned and found a business mentor who helped me with a strategy.

I am now happy to announce that I will be making the transition from a salary paid job to working on me full time. Writing many books and becoming a house hold name as a professional keynote speaker. That security of a salary is what keeps many people from doing what they love or are passionate about. Financial security is important so finding a way to gently walk away from the rat race is crucial.

I have built a whole new website that will showcase my professional services and this site will remain informal. A place I can just share ideas and have fun.

Thanks to all those who have supported in any way, I truly appreciate it.

KB Publishing ‘Publishing quality book by young writers’

KB Publishing is an Independent Publisher based in London. Our main focus is to publish quality novels and non-fiction from young writers across the UK. We also have a focus on promoting reading and writing, and finding new ways to engage more young people to read.

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KB Publishing is now accepting manuscript submissions. Be sure to check the My story so far book project as well.



My new Novel ‘My Sister’s Pain’ is announced.


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I am happy to announce that my new novel ‘My Sister’s Pain’ will be released this year. The concept for this book has been plaguing my mind for a while now, so I decided to write it. This book will challenge me as a writer as I will be stepping out of my comfort zone. Sign up to my mailing list to keep up to date with the latest news of the release.

My Sister’s will be available in print and as an e-book.

Published by KB Publishing



Ambitions of the deprived out now

18.06.15 Book Launch (152)

June 18th was the official release date for AOTD.  The book launch was at the famous Rose Lipman building in Hackney. The backdrop of where the book takes place.  The night was a great success, it was a full house and I was overwhelmed by the amount of support I received that night. I would like to say a big thank you to all those that came to support that night. I was humbled by it all. A big thank you to all the artists that produced some fantastic work. We were able to showcase their work, which were well received. Thanks to everyone from Made Corrections who helped out on the day, very much appreciate it. I would also like to say thank you to Remel London who was the host on the night. She is very talented and did a great job, much love and respect to her for a job well done.

This book was my first attempt at writing fiction and so far the response has been great. As a writer you have those moments where you start questioning your work. I truly believe in the work I have produced and that it will be something that young adults and adults would enjoy. So far so good as far as those responses and reviews are concerned.

As an indie author it’s hard enough to get your book in hands of readers. So when I say I plan to reach millions of young people, I do not just mean with this book. I plan to continue to write because it is something I love and I hope to inspire millions of young people with my writing. My journey is just starting……

Buying the book and posting a review on  and will be a great way to support this journey.

Thank you.