Full time Author and Keynote Speaker status


I was at my desk at work just after the Christmas holidays as I was sending a journalist a copy of my book ‘Ambitions of the deprived’. I stopped writing the address and looked at the book and remembered the hard work I put into this book. I said to myself surely this is not it, letting the book just sit here and not pushing it as far as I can. Working full-time has not helped me with the goals I set for myself. I am an author, I love to write and want to share my work with the world.  That same day I decided that I will focus and find a way to make sure that I am doing what I love full-time. For six weeks I planned and found a business mentor who helped me with a strategy.

I am now happy to announce that I will be making the transition from a salary paid job to working on me full time. Writing many books and becoming a house hold name as a professional keynote speaker. That security of a salary is what keeps many people from doing what they love or are passionate about. Financial security is important so finding a way to gently walk away from the rat race is crucial.

I have built a whole new website that will showcase my professional services and this site will remain informal. A place I can just share ideas and have fun.

Thanks to all those who have supported in any way, I truly appreciate it. http://www.emekaegbuonu.com


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