Directing a Stop and Search documentary.

Date 2 shoot

Day 2 shoot

In August last year I was commissioned by  HCVS (Hackney community voluntary services) to make a DVD training video about stop and search.

Stop and search has been a big talking point in recent years. Hackney is now leading the way when it comes to stop and search; so much work has been done by

different organisations in the borough to improve the relationship between the police and the community especially young people. HCVS has a monitoring group

that meet once a month to discuss the issues of stop and search. Significant work has been done by the young people to help make Hackney a leading borough for improving in stop and search figures.

The DVD consists of two parts; a short 14 minutes video which is designed for training police officers and young people about stop and search. The second part is a 45 minute documentary, this takes you on a journey of 16 year boy from Hackney who has never been stopped or searched

His aim is to find out as much as possible as he speaks to young people in a debate session dedicated for young people only. He will them speak to police officers at a local police station to get some opinions.

His final stop will be a workshop run by The Crib youth project ‘Trading places’. At this workshop he examines the dynamics of having young people and the police in the same room.

They will take part in various scenarios as the young people act as the police and vice versa. The DVD will be available through HCVS very soon. Keep and eye on this website and  WWW.HCVS.ORG.UK for more information.


Pictures from some of our shoot days.


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