Boroughs United 2014

It is that time of the year again when we are preparing for Boroughs United, I have just finished editing the promo video. The show is now in its 14th year, promoting talented young people from all across London. The show has been a big platform for many big names, Boroughs United was a humble step forward for them to go and achieve bigger and better things.   Names like Twist and Pulse, who were runners  up on Britain’s got talent they won Boroughs United in 2010, Diversity who actually won Britain’s Got talent in 2009, well they won Boroughs United in 2007, and finally Leona Lewis took part in Boroughs United in 2001, she went on to win X-factor five years later. Other big names like Flawless, Unity UK, IMD, and so many other have all been part of Boroughs United over the years. We want to continue to give young people a platform to express themselves.

The stage has been set, January 19th at Hackney Empire 5:00pm-8:30pm, to register and enter the competition simply visit The Crib youth project’s website, and download the application form. The form needs to be submitted by the 16th December 2013.


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