Joint Enterprise a short film by BDTC school students.


At the start of the summer term 2013, I was working on a project with some of the students at Barking and Dagenham tuition centre (pupil referral unit).

The idea was for them to come of with a message for school children their age. The decided that they wanted to educate

young people about joint enterprise. Over the 6 weeks, we planned and filmed the project. The first three weeks were spent doing research, storyboarding,

and in the last three weeks we filmed and edited the film.  All the young people in the film had never acted before and tried their best to make it a success.

Enjoy and share.


Joint Enterprise

1. Activity undertaken together by two or more entities, so that each has equal rights to control and benefit from it and is equally liable for obligations arising out of it. See also joint venture.
2. Participation by two or more persons to conspire and/or commit an offense. See also joinder of offenders.
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