Emeka Egbuonu’s Public Speaking Press Release




Public speaking has become a prime focus for Emeka Egbuonu. With three years experience he has the ability to grasp the attention of diverse audiences around the world through his passion, knowledge and charisma. Although presently working on two book projects, he is fully committed to sharing his experiences with young people and those interested in the progression of youth. His zeal for young people is evident in his day job. Emeka currently works at ETS (Education Transition Service) helping young people who have been excluded from school be reintegrated into mainstream education by unpicking their barriers to learning. In his spare time ‘The Crib’ youth project in Hackney remains a significant commitment. Emeka attended the club as a young person and now is part of the management team.

An avid reader and inspirational author Emeka also dabbles in the creative art of poetry. With the aim to reach the younger generation his words transcend gender, age and ethnic boundaries packed full of empowering messages. Still a young man in his own right, at just 26 Emeka is a positive role model who has achieved exceptional things in a short space of time. Dedicated and ambitious he aspires to engage even more young people with new ideas and projects to come.

The release of ‘Consequences – Breaking the Negative Cycle’ has pushed Emeka into the spotlight, providing opportunities for exposure in local and national news, on the radio and as a guest speaker for a number of events. Acclaimed as “highly informative” by Tottenham MP David Lammy, the impact of the book has spread around the world. Emeka has propelled from working in his local area to engaging with thousands in the UK, Germany and North America.

The focus on public speaking is to concentrate his ambitions on inspiring young people through words. His objectives are to enable young people to recognise their worth and fulfil their potential while providing professionals with insight on effective ways to motivate disengaged young people. Main topical concerns include youth unemployment, youth violence, gang culture, under achievement in education and supporting teenage parents.


Recent Guest Speaker Appointments:

  • University of East London
  • Birmingham City University
  • Oxford University
  • Leyton Orients Football Club (youth)
  • Youth Wellbeing Conference (Wolverhampton)
  • Guns and Knives Youth Conference (Birmingham)
  • Skinners Academy Secondary School (Hackney)
  • Various youth projects (London)
  • Youth Justice Coalition (Los Angeles)
  • Witness and Gangway Organisation (Berlin)


If you are interested in booking Emeka Egbuonu to speak at your events, school, organisation or have questions send your enquiries to;



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