Official video for Breaking the negative cycle.


The idea for this video came to me while I was thinking of what I wanted for the cover of the book.  This video is basically what happens before that image is taken on the front cover.  The whole idea is about sharing and passing on knowledge, the main character (John-Luke) who is running to help make sure his friend makes the right decision. When he eventually gets to his friend (Kelvin)  and gets him to think about his actions, he hands him a book, which Kelvin eventually hands to his friend (Toby) who is still in that negative cycle. That is the image I used for the front cover of the book. Young positive men ready to break the negative cycle by sharing knowledge.

Of course there are different barriers that many young people face, the book talks about some of those barriers. The thing is that you can do all you can to help young people make the right choices, but ultimately when that time comes you have to hope they make the right choices.

For me the most important part of the front cover is the willingness of the young man who wants to receive the knowledge and use that to progress.

I hope that explains the concept of the video and how it ties into the front cover of the book.

Big thanks to the Director Sam Edwards and the producer Hannah Nedas for all their hard work.

Big thanks to all the young actors:








One response to “Official video for Breaking the negative cycle.

  1. Good video. Cleverly thought out and well executed. Good production values. Worthy promotion for a worthwhile book.

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