My Perfect Partner, A poem by Emeka


Perfect Partner

I have been looking for someone to share my life with

I was looking for someone very special who would make me happy

I met a few people who told me who would be perfect for me

But they said she would not be interested unless I have had interaction with a few people before that

So I met education, she gave me knowledge

I met history, she gave me pride

I also met believe who gave me determination and motivation

My good friends kept pushing me to find her

But I was told in order to meet my perfect partner I was still missing something

Eventually after many tries I met up with ambition, she was really good to me; she gave me direction and goals

As I continued my journey to meet my match

I flirted with doubt, but told her it would not work

Fear, she had me for a while, I overcame her and told her I was not interested

They introduced me to their boss, she went by the name of failure, after meeting her I kindly rejected and told her that I was not destined to be with her and that I never wanted to see her again

My journey for learning never stopped

Because I finally found my Perfect partner and she goes by the name of SUCCESS

We are now very happy together

I told her if it was not for education
history, believe, ambition and good friends I would never have found her.

So now I have found her I never want to lose her, I will never go backwards

Because I have already met failure and she has nothing on




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