Her Beautiful Flame





















Bullets flying filling the sky

Usually killing some that were not willing to die

Denial, anger , confusion and hate

All part of the emotion when a life is taken away

Her smile would have lit up any room

Her presence would be felt in any room

Her warmth would heat up any room

She was loved by many

She was a loving daughter, sister and Aunt

Her flame was lit on September 3rd 1993

As the years went on her flame grew stronger

Her passion for education fuelled her flame

The warm heat from her flame was felt must by her family and close friends

As her flame continued to grow

Some people who met her would carry a bit of her heat with them

On April 14th 2010 a bullet attempted to extinguish that flame

A bullet that came from a gun, that has caused so much harm

That was shot by a young man with no conscience

For two days I prayed and I hoped

It’s funny how we sometimes only turn to God when we need something

On 16th of April  2010 sadly her flame was no longer burning

Put out by a bullet that came from a gun

That was fired by a young man with no conscience

As the tears rolled down my face for the first time in a long time

Thinking about the pain of her family that will never be healed

The pain I saw in her mother’s eyes, should not be felt by any mother

The type of pain that would leave you numb

The type of pain of pain that leaved you broken

The type of pain of knowing this void will never be filled

The type of pain that words cannot  simply describe

The truth is that bullet might have taken something away

But her flame still burns brightly to everyone that genuinely cared for her

It is her ever burning flame that I feel that keeps me motivated to do what I do

To teach, educate and pass on knowledge

Like my friend Dele said to help change the mindset so the mind is set

To achieve real change





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