‘Making a difference’ a documentary by Connor Boston Mahmout

Connor is a young person I have been mentoring for a while now. Just before Christmas he came to me with an idea for a documentary he wanted to make.  He was passionate about it and I told him I would help him if he could write a pitch about what he wanted to do.  He has now done that, I have helped him recruit a professional team of film-makers who belief in his message and are willing to be involved in the project.  His pitch is now up and running on IndieGOGO a crowd funding website, so it is now in the hands of the public if they believe in the project they can contribute to it.

Please have a look, contribute what you can, even if that making others aware of his plans.

The link for the Pitch is below.







‘Making a difference’ documentary

My name is Connor Boston; I am 21 and from Hackney, East London. I have a vision I want to share with the world .I want to create a documentary that will shed light on two key issues that I find really important. I am tired of young people being demonised and generalised by being put in the same bracket. There are a minority who are involved in gangs and criminal behaviour, but it seem that no matter how much positive things that are done by young people seem like the negative by a few will over shadow the good work that is being done by the masses. What this documentary will highlight is a vast array of opinions from different professionals, politicians and most importantly the young people who are from deprived areas who are making strides to become successful. We want to tell their stories to shine some positivity to young people, giving them the opportunity to get their voices heard in hope that it will inspire others to follow suit. Like my mentor Emeka Egbuonu says “sometimes words are not enough it is the actions of your peers that can inspire you to do better.”
The first step in dealing with a problem is admitting there is a problem. Yes there is a problem with gangs, youth violence etc. This bring me onto the next key point I want to execute in this documentary ’MENTORS’, for the young people who are actively engaged in criminal behaviour and have lost their way, we want to inspire them through our actions. This is also done by sharing knowledge, one of the most effective solutions I have found out is by people who are willing to make a difference by sharing their life experiences and give that vital knowledge to a young person. In the documentary we will show how important it can be to have a positive mentor or role model who can help guide a young person to a brighter future.
We all know that they are different reasons why we have so many social ills that drive ‘some’ young people to go down the wrong path, the same way we believe there so many different solutions, this is just one, as there are many organisation and people out there who are working with or without resources to get the job done, but we need more people on the front line, instead of moaning about it to do something.
For me personally I am aspiring actor, but I have a passion to make a real difference in my community. I have a mentor Emeka Egbuonu who is showing me the way and by providing me with various opportunities. He is someone that inspires me through his work and ambition. I am currently delivering workshops and sessions with him in schools and youth clubs, delivering his positive message. He will be directing this documentary for me. As soon as I told him about the idea he was willing to help in any way that he can. Emeka has written a book called Consequences which is his message for making a difference. He also made a documentary called London to LA, a gang intervention documentary. He is willing to give his book and documentary away as an incentive to those that contribute to this project.
The aim is to create something unique, and to eventually screen it in a cinema London when completed. Making sure young people voices are heard and maybe we can have some positive news in the media about the work we would have achieved.

I have a great team who will help me bring this documentary to life.

About us:

Connor Boston Mahmout

I am an aspiring actor/rapper/songwriter from Hoxton, Hackney
that plans to take full advantage of all of the talents I am lucky enough to have been blessed with.
I am passionate about all of my endeavours, mainly music and acting.
music has been a large part of my life for as long as i can remember
and i have enjoyed acting since i first got a taste for it.
I hope to be successful in the entertainment business in some way
whether its music or theatrics, in front of or behind the stage,
and hopefully my drive & determination will one day take me there. I am currently working as a volunteer youth worker to give back to my community

Emeka Egbuonu

The author Emeka Egbuonu is a community and anti-gang worker based at the Crib Youth Project (www.thecrib.org.uk ) in Hackney. He is also one of the London Mayor’s mentors. Emeka came to east London from Nigeria aged seven. He know first hand the damage gang and youth violence can have on a community. This inspired him to dedicate himself to making life better in his community.

He has coached grassroots football team Gems FC and helped organise the Boroughs United talent contest since it began (showcasing the talents of Leona Lewis, Diversity among others). In 2009, Emeka founded the Consequences program of seminars, which equips young people with the confidence and skills to make good choices and avoid becoming involved in gangs or moving on if involved already.

Emeka was also on the frontline during the recent London riots persuading young people not to loot or get involved in criminal behaviour. Emeka is the director of the documentary London to LA, about gang intervention schemes in California. He was one of the main speakers at Birmingham City University’s Understanding the English Riots conference on 18th October 2011.


Drew Cox

Drew Cox is not your ordinary Director. He has the unique ability to Direct and Photograph a wide range of work BUT when needs must can take on the roles of an entire production crew, confidently able to write, shoot, photograph, direct and edit – You might say DC is a production company in his own right! And he enjoys it!
Drew Cox was born and raised in South Africa, where he developed a natural interest and passion for image making and story telling. After moving to the UK to further his studies, he received a 1st class BA(Hons) in Video Production and Communication and has been working as a freelance video director and photographer on a variety of projects all around the world.

He has created work for numerous clients from Coca Cola, Nike, LBi, Marks & Spencers, Oxfam, ITV, BBC, Puma, HTC Mobiles, Mrs Jones, Universal Records, Jack Wills, Aubin&Wills, Bliss, Ignite TV, Creative Partnerships, Breast Cancer Campaign and The Natural History Museum, to a host of independent production companies, artists and musicians.

Specialising in online digital content, commercial work, filmmaking, music, fashion and documentary. His ideas focus on the original, the perceived and the new, combining technologies and different media to create exciting and innovative work in all forms of visual culture.


Adebola Ajao

Adebola Ajao is a 25-year-old music video and short film producer & director. Having Graduated from the university of Bedfordshire with a 2:1 in Media Production Adebola Has gone on to set up his own production company producing music videos, short films and magazine features from his home in East london. Adebola specialises in producing content with an urban feel and a small sample of his work can be found at http://www.youtube.com/mradebolauk.
His ability to organise, and make extensive research is second to none.

Michael Ndebumadu

I grew up in Haringey north London. I’ve been writing poetry off & on since I was in college.
I studied Media Studies at Southgate College. I later went on to study a BA in Media-Writing & Production (with a 1 year module in Creative writing)
My writing lies in scripts, poems and fictional-writing. I have also written articles for other projects. My ability to do research is dependent on the topic.
I am quite able to search for relevant info either online and through books if need be; and applied the info when and when needed.
I can also take the initiative and contact individuals/organisations if there is any info which could be of any use.
I also have small experience in youth work, working with primary aged children in an after school homework club.

How the money will be spent:

Filming, and post-production
Copyright clearances for archive footage and soundtracks
Screening arrangements at a cinema

Something Emeka’s grandmother said for her contribution for to his book “No one person can do everything but everyone can do something.”

So do what you can and contribute so I can make this documentary a reality even if that is sharing this campaign.

Connor Boston Mahmout


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