Boroughs United showcase 2012


The Crib’s Boroughs united is now more than 10 years old, this year saw the tenth anniversary back in January. The show was filled with talent from varies London boroughs.  BU was originally called “battle of the boroughs” as all London boroughs will be going against each other for the prize. The name was later changed to Boroughs United, to show that even though the young people still competing against each other, it is done in a united spirit, as the show is also against youth violence. BU has been a stepping stone for many young people to go on and achieve greater things. Many people who have performed at BU have gone on to be very successful. To name some,

  • Leona Lewis
  • Diversity
  • Abbyss
  • Twist and Pulse
  • Flawless
The show is about young people coming together regardless of where they are from, to put on a great show for their family and friends in dance, singing, rap, poetry and fashion. The show has always been based in Hackney, formerly at Ocean venue and the Hackney empire.
The 2012 showcase will be held at the Indigo at the 02 arena.
So if you have a talent that you would like to share with a huge audience please;
Age limit is 25.
Below an article about 2011 show and video is of 2010 BU dance winners and runners up in Britain’s got talents. Twist and pulse

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