Young entrepreneurs plan to succeed- Astar productions

Michael and Valentine are two members of The Crib youth project. They are also part of the YBM(Young business minds)sessions.  They came to me with an idea on starting their own media production company, we sat down, did a few brain storms.  Since then they have both worked long and hard to get the business up and running. After several weeks of research, they were finally ready to start pushing for their services to be noticed. Services include;

  1. Events photography
  2. Photo shoots
  3. Music videos
  4. Video adverts
  5. Filming events
They two of them are still working hard to make this a real success. They know that things will not just happen for them, but they are willing to work hard and make it happen. The two entrepreneurs know that business can be a tough world, they have been times when they felt to give it up, but regrouping in our sessions and getting motivated again has helped. Gradually Valentine has learned how to edit by watching me use final cut pro, and his now working on improving his skills.
A-star production have been getting experience with clients such as Arsenal FC, they were commissioned to film some of the youth football sessions. The video highlight is below. A-star were also responsible for producing my book advert “walk with, run with, but never…” We also sat down, they took the quote from my book and brought it to life.
They now want to write a business plan to get some capital to push the business even further, through their actions they have also managed to engage their peers, getting them to be responsible for other aspect of the business.
I wish them SUCCESS.
“The danger is not that we aim too high and miss it, is that we aim too low and reach it” Michelangelo 

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