Peace awards…Great people of London


Four days before the awards, I received an email
saying that I had been nominated for two awards. On the night of the awards
walking from London Bridge on Tooley Street towards City hall, I was excited
because I didn’t know what to expect on the night. Walking towards the odd
shaped glass building, I could see the queue from outside.

I walked through security and then off downstairs
for a light refreshment.

It was already past 6pm the show was bound to
start late. Reverend Nims Obunge was the host for the night; he introduced the
mayor of London, Boris Johnson who made a short cameo appearance before he was
off for other duties.

As the awards started, I was moved by some of the
work the people of London were doing on a daily basis.  Some of the work being done needs more
recognition, these awards are just a small way of saying ‘thank you, we
appreciate you and we hope you inspire more people to do the same’.

For me this was my first time at the awards. There
was a sense of pride amongst everyone there, it was not about winning or losing,
it was about showing that there are people out there trying to make a
difference.  I was more than happy to be
there to see and hear about all the amazing working that is being done for
young people, homeless, disabled and the elderly.  These people have dedicated their time &
effort to make a real difference to the community.  I was humbled and in awe of some of the
stories I heard and proud because this is what London is about, coming together
to build a better city and community.

The idea is to get as many people to support their
community in any way that they can. There are so many organisations out there
that would love your skills, advice and input. In Hackney I can say that they
are many organisations like The Crib
who are out there every day making a real difference and providing that
stepping stone for young people to stand on and move forward; organisations
such as Calibre minds, Hold it Down, YOH,Pedro and Skyway.

Working effectively together is a great way to show
that we too have the community spirit that we are trying to sell to everyone

So please make a positive contribution to your

Thank You, Emeka.


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