Book Launch Review by Michael Ndebumadu

Monday the 19th of September marked a great day in the life of Emeka Egbuonu; a youth-mentor, youth football coach and now author.

On a mild evening of Monday 19th September, Emeka Egbuonu launched his debut book ‘Consequences – Breaking the Negative Cycle’. 
The book launch took place at The City Arts & Music Project (The CAMP) in the city of London. It was quite an interesting evening.
It started off with an introduction from a young man named Connor Boston, who was the host. Connor Boston is someone who almost fell into the ‘negative cycle’ which the book talks about; but after a life changing event (in which someone he knew was imprisoned for 21years) he decided to make a change in his life.
The evening kicked off with poetry showcased by young & talented poets from London.
The poetry focused on some of the main issues facing youth in London youth today and the similar issues they themselves grew up with.
The poets at the book launch were prime examples that young people in London actually had something to say and could do positive things with their lives.
The poems that were performed were decorated with metaphors, which conveyed their feelings in such powerful and thought-provoking ways.
Special guests at the book launch included Local MP for Hackney South & Shoreditch, who commended Emeka Egbuonu on his work & achievement.
To summarise, the book launch was a total success, what made it even more encouraging was the attendance of his friends & family who all came to show their love and support.
People who knew Emeka came up to the front to speak about Emeka the positive influence he has had.
Seeing Emeka Egbuonu at the event and hearing of his achievements with in the community, was in itself and inspiration. He is a prime example that growing up in inner city London doesn’t stop one from achieving great things. As the evening came to an end Emeka said a few words to his audience, “It takes a village to raise a child” this was his way of thanking those who helped him through life to gain his achievements and that he may not have been able to do it without them.
One could tell that this was only the beginning for Emeka Egbuonu and that he’s on his way to bigger & brighter things.
by Michael Ndebumadu

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