About consequences book cover

A few people have been asking about the meaning of the front cover and how the idea for it came along. There are two main reasons that inspired the front cover. One of the things that inspired the concept of the cover was my time in secondary school, one of my mentors gave me some important advice that I have not forgotten. His name was Mr Richards; he was one of the few people that I actually looked up to at that period. One day we were both having a discussion about ambition, progression to success and making mistakes. He told me that everyone deserves the chance to make something of themselves, but with that comes hard work and determination to succeed even against all odds. He carried on by saying along the way you are guaranteed to have obstacles in your way, but you have to be ready and willing to overcome them. As your journey continues you have to be open to receive knowledge from those who have come before you and to their wisdom to learn from their mistakes because this can save you time in your journey to success.

The second reason was based on my sessions with the young people. I have been running these workshops for 2years now and one thing that remains constant is the fact that young people are enthusiastic in learning from each other, sometimes it proves to be more effective than when we give the same teachings as adults. The process of passing knowledge, experiences, aspirations these are important steps to take because it keeps you moving forward. The most important is learning by action, being around people who are doing rather than all talk and no action.

Going onto the cover and how it fits with the two things I mentioned above. The young man on the left is ready and willing to do what it takes to succeed, he has decided that he needs help, support, and motivation. The glass in the middle represents all the negative barriers, cycles that he faces day in day out in his life (regardless of the obstacle he is ready to face it head on). Through his determination his is able to break that negative stronghold withholding him and his potential. The young man on the right represents a fellow peer, who has come from similar circumstances and has already smashed down those barriers. He using the power of sharing knowledge we show this by the book in his hands, he is now willing to give that to someone who else so that the he too can pursue success.

The words on the lower half are all the positive words that are constantly coming up in our sessions.


“I have the audacity to believe that peoples everywhere can have three meals a day for their bodies, education, and culture for their minds, dignity, equality, and freedom for their spirits”

Dr Martin Luther King Jr


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