We all make choices. And choices come with consequences. I’ve written a book to help young people learn that the choices they make can transform their lives for the better – or worse.

My name is Emeka Egbuonu. I grew up in  Hackney in London.

I hope my book Consequences – Breaking the Negative Cycle will help other young people learn from mistakes made by those who have come before them.  So we can break the cycle of poor role models, low aspirations, under achievement. Understanding the importance of history and culture, how inequality affect young people, tackling youth violence and gang culture and enabling young people to be ambitious.

I lead seminars for groups of young people in London and am on the London Mayor’s mentoring team. I’ve also met former gang members in Los Angeles who are using innovative techniques to turn young people away from gangs. I hope this book will help spread the message even further that things can change for the better – and share ways to make that happen.

In this blog I’ll be telling you about me, my own personal journey away from violence (it hasn’t been easy) and towards self-discovery and I’ll also keep you posted on the book.

Thanks for dropping by and reading this first post.

Watch this space for much more.


Twitter @Emeka_bnc


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